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Looking forward to the future, the company will actively respond to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction and green development, comply with the trend of market development, actively explore the road of transformation and upgrading in combination with local economic development planning, and strive to become the industry model of intelligent equipment casting in Hebei and even the whole country in three years, and contribute to the construction of economic prosperity, beautiful and rich new Wu'an.

Manufacturing dep.I

Manufacturing department I

The furfural resin self hardening sand mold production line adopts two sets of 8t medium frequency electric furnaces and two sets of 5t medium frequency electric furnaces that should be used in the United States. All high-power motors adopt frequency conversion technology. For electric furnace dust removal, sand regeneration dust removal, pouring dust removal, spray paint dust removal and other equipment, the motor with air volume greater than 30000 cubic meters has realized frequency conversion control. In addition, the international advanced Faro laser scanner is introduced to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the whole casting process. The detection accuracy is 0.005mm, which can realize the scanning detection of large work pieces and the whole process of mold, sand mold, sand core and casting products. At the same time, by comparing the scanning data with the standard 3D data, a complete precision report of the tested object can be obtained, which ensures the dimensional accuracy of the final casting.

Manufacturing dep.II

Manufacturing department II

1. The workshop has two fully automatic production lines imported from Denmark, mainly producing high-speed rail accessories, auto parts and construction machinery accessories, with a production capacity of 350 cases / h.


2. The vertical molding machine is imported from Denmark. The main function of the vertical molding machine is to mix sand well. Through the molding machine, the maximum beat can reach 550 types per hour, and the modeling accuracy can reach 0.1 mm.


3. Vibration drum equipment: the vibration drum equipment produced by GK company of the United States is used for product cooling, with a value of more than 40 million. The vibration technology continuously separates the casting from the sand, so that the used sand can be quickly cooled, without bumping and bumping on the product, ensuring the smooth-ness of the product and greatly improving the qualified rate of the finished product.


4. The visual gating system of American Yingda company is adopted, which is easy to operate. The laser and display screen can detect the liquid level of hot metal on line and realize automatic pouring. It can provide stable pouring for vertical molding line.


5. The hot metal transfer equipment is air transport, using German technology, with high safety performance, stable and reliable characteristics.


6. Sand treatment equipment, dust removal fan and pulse bag dedusting: adopting Danish DESAR advanced technology, it can automatically calculate and add water in the on-line sand mixing system, and the sand mold repetition rate exceeds 98%. The sand mixer has automatic detection function to ensure the quality of molding sand, and all dust removal in the workshop is centralized.

Machining dep.

Machining department

The construction area of machining workshop is 15750 square meters, which is the extension of casting. The main equipment includes horizontal lathe, radial drilling machine, CNC bilateral milling machine, CNC boring machine, CNC sawing machine and 8-meter Heavy CNC gantry milling machine. The production mode and process level are based on high starting point and high level. The processing equipment is complete, the processing speed is fast and the precision is high. It forms an integration with the casting workshop to serve customers Provide more comprehensive services.




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