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Founded in 2017, the company is a new type of intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating smelting, casting, enamel, vegetable oil and machining. The total investment of the project is 1.24 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​more than 500 acres and a total construction area of​​188,000 square meters. It is constructed in two phases; the first phase is the smelting, casting, enamel, and vegetable oil industrial zone, and the second phase is the intelligent equipment machining and equipment industrial zone; the company has strong technical strength, including 100 technicians, 20 senior engineers, and 10 industry experts. , is a member of the industry association,has established a supporting laboratory of provincial standards.


The company is located in the Industrial Park of Wu'an City, Hebei Province, at the junction of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces, with convenient transportation and developed logistics. The company inherits the enterprise spirit of the military industry, and has established a set of its own operation and management mode according to the development and improvement of the enterprise, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of enterprise standardization, standardization, informatization and intelligence. With its unique geographical advantages, it attracts elites from various industries and provides ample power for the rapid development of enterprises.


The company builds high standards and high starting points, including 4 Inda electric furnaces in the United States, 2 DISA molding lines in Denmark, horizontal shot blasting, hanging casting, vegetable oil production lines, 11 enamel production lines, intelligent packaging lines, large boring and milling machines, CNC machining centers and so on are the international and domestic leading production equipment;


In accordance with the ISO9001 product quality management system, the company strictly controls the entire production process, and the pass rate of the products is above 95%. The product series covers two major industry categories and more than 1,000 products. Since the production and operation, the products have been exported to European and American markets and domestic markets; they have been recognized by customers;


In 2019, the company was listed as a key project in Hebei Province and one of the five key projects in Handan City. In addition, it has successively won the Hebei Sheng Green Foundry Demonstration Enterprise issued by the Hebei Foundry Association.


From casting to processing, our company's North District can provide customers with one-stop service to ensure customer product quality and improve customer efficiency.


Intelligent equipment industrial zone, with a construction area of​​138,000 square meters, provides customers with high-end finishing and intelligent product R&D and manufacturing services.


Looking forward to the future, the company will actively respond to the national call for energy conservation, emission reduction and green development, follow the trend of market development, and combine with local economic development plans, actively explore the road of transformation and upgrading, and strive to build an intelligent equipment casting industry in Hebei and even the whole country within three years. A pacesetter, contributing to the construction of an economically prosperous, beautiful and fertile Xinwu'an.

The casting department in the north area covers an area of 50000 square meters, which is divided into four production departments.

1. Manufacturing department I: furfural resin self hardening sand mold production line, equipped with advanced production equipment, testing instruments and comprehensive environmental protection facilities, can provide customers with 20000 tons of large, medium and small high-quality castings every year;


2. Manufacturing department II: it has two vertical production lines imported from Denmark. Its biggest advantages are high efficiency, high quality and high environmental protection, which can fully meet the needs of small and large quantities of precision castings such as high-speed rail, automobile and electrical appliances.


3. Manufacturing department III: vacuum shell casting line, using inorganic adhesive warm core box shell mold core technology, smokeless, non- toxic, tasteless, fully comply with the national environmental protection requirements, can produce steel castings, gray cast iron, ductile iron, non-ferrous metal and other materials products.


4. Machining department: we have all kinds of machine tools, from small machining center, drilling machine to large gantry, floor boring machine, forming a full range of processing capacity to fully meet the processing needs of customers.

Furnace opening video
Furnace opening video
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From casting to processing, our company can provide one-stop service for customers to ensure the quality of products and improve the efficiency of customers.

The southern intelligent equipment department is the third phase project of the company, with a construction area of 138000 square meters, providing customers with high-end precision processing and intelligent product R & D and manufacturing services.


Looking forward to the future, the company will actively respond to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction and green development, comply with the trend of market development, actively explore the road of transformation and upgrading in combination with local economic development planning, and strive to become the industry model of intelligent equipment casting in Hebei and even the whole country in three years, and contribute to the construction of economic prosperity, beautiful and rich new Wu'an.




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